OpenBVE (and its ancestors BVE2 and BVE4) allows you to drive any train and route from your choice of many available from around the world.


Thanks to MacKoy for BVE2 and BVE4.

Thanks to Michelle and her followers for OpenBVE.


Compared to Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) and other payware, OpenBVE is a free-as-in-freedom, public domain, open source, cross platform train simulator.


How to drive a train? You will need:

  • OpenBVE, the program;

  • a few driveable trains;

  • some routes on which to drive your trains.


And that's all. All is freeware.


Where to find OpenBVE?

The original Japanese BVE program can be downloaded from

OpenBVE has advanced features and does not need to have BVE installed.

The newer OpenBVE program can be downloaded by clicking on the green button 'OpenBVE' above.

Please check where to install your routes (route, object and sound files) and your trains.


Where to find the driveable trains?

A lot of trains have been developed for BVE and OpenBVE. The trains, developed specifically for OpenBVE, allow external views of the train. You have a view from the driving cab, as a driver, but also the view of your train from outside (or even from inside, but not from the driving cab) and even animated objects, which is usually very pleasant and realistic.

The most interesting trains can be downloaded by clicking on the yellow button 'Rolling stock' above.


Where to find the routes (=the railway lines)?

The most interesting BVE and OpenBVE routes can be downloaded by clicking on the blue button 'Routes' above.

The list of routes will be regularly updated and completed.

Practically all BVE routes can be operated using OpenBVE.



The editor of this website is grateful to the authors of this set of BVE/OpenBVE add-ons.

The add-ons files are available in order to ensure a smooth BVE/OpenBVE development, avoiding the risk of some add-ons disappearing suddenly at the end of a website subscription.

Files to download are located on Mediafire. Advertisement there can be questionable - sorry in such a case.